Human resources services

The functions that are developed in the human resources department vary from company to company, depending on the size and activity to which the entity is dedicated. In small and medium-sized enterprises, the functions of this department are executed in a few sections. Outsourcing these services is a commonly used option to fulfill the function without incurring the costs of a formal Human Resources structure.

Comprehensive management
  • General management of the Human Resources function and its processes
  • Company policy documentation
  • Designing evaluation and feedback processes
Compensation and benefits
  • Evaluation of Remuneration and Position Analysis aimed at providing a profile of specific activities by task and remuneration of the position.
  • Management of position descriptions.
  • Guidance on retirement plan options.

  • Internal and external recruitment of potential candidates.
  • Database management and management of resume sources such as employment portals, consultants, referrals, media, among others.
  • Collection of information (interviews with people in the position and responsible for the work areas) and elaboration of job descriptions.
  • Competency Selection Interviews.
  • Personnel Selection includes recruitment and direct search, with support for technical and psychological evaluation.
Training and development

  • Training studies necessary and carried out to the optimization of the company's activities.
  • Creation of development curricula for leaders.
  • Creation of curricula for professional growth.
  • Management of trainings and workshops.
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